"I think morrissey-solo.com moderators are idiots" - Morrissey

Jealous of Youth sends the following link:

Morrissey is a bright man with a sense of humour. He understands that he attracts a wide range of fans, from young to old, rich to poor.

The moderators at morrissey-solo.com think Morrissey would love them if he met them, The fact is he would probably hate them for being narrowminded cretins.

"They're wankers," said Morrissey. "They can go fuck themselves. Love me longtime outside, Kewpie!"

Morrissey sees David Tseng in crowd at gig!! 

Morrissey saw filth-spreading lie-monger David "T" Tseng at a gig recently. It prompted this reaction, for obvious reasons.

Forum member Stephane says, "I've seen Morrissey slag off David T loads of times. I've even got a recording of him doing it, but I refuse to share it with the rest of the world because I enjoy boasting and belittling my fellow Morrissey fans from my privileged position."

 Morrissey likes caravanning.

Who doesn't? 

"Morrissey uses same super market like Kewpie do please vote the poll!" exclaims Kewpie 

"I come here when I know Kewpie won't be here. I do my best to avoid her. She is velly, velly annoying", said Morrissey outside Tesco.

"Have you ever heard her fart? It sounds like the beginning of Speedway."

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